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The world needs more fic from The Closer ‘Verse and this community is exactly how we’re going to make that happen. For those who don’t have any experience with fic fests, it starts out with a call for prompts and then you have the opportunity to claim prompts and time to write your awesome fics!

Any and all ships are welcome!


NOMINATE/VOTE for The Closer and the cast and tell everybody that our show is the best. 


Vote as many times as you like. The Closer or the cast are not one of the choices so you'll have to write them in.

Let's do this and spread the word!

My votes were as follows (yours can be different):

Favorite TV drama actor: Jon Tenney
Favorite TV drama actress: Kyra Sedgwick
Favorite cable TV drama: The Closer
Favorite TV crime drama: The Closer 

the Closer countdown

I'm doing a Closer countdown with my favorite Brenda/Fritz moments at my Livejournal, if anybody wants to check it out. :) http://celcool.livejournal.com/tag/the%20closer%20countdown

New Comm Pimp!


A new comm to celebrate The Closer and to provide entertainment during our long hiatus.
We have a 100 Day Challenge ready to go come 3rd April, weekly challenges and rewatches all planned.

Come and check us out!

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Oh so worried


I'm not too sure who might still be on this comm or not but I just wanted to post a little message to vent my worries and see if any of you have some feedback for me.

I started watching this show a little over a month ago and have almost finished season 6.  I am a HUGE Fritz / Brenda shipper.  I love them together and I love FRITZ for being so patient.  I am, however, extremely concerned about their relationship.

....  before I continue I should clearly state that I AM NOT crazy and I do realize that they aren't real..  LMAO

Okay, I just finished watching the episode with the Pot Shops that are getting robbed.  At the end of this episode Fritz voices his concern for the UMPTEENTH time about Will Pope's feelings for her.  She, for the UMPTEENTH time, tells him that she'll handle it.  And then she doesn't.

I'll refresh some memories because it's been a while since this episode aired.  This the scene where she goes into Will's office and tells him that the new Chief has offered her his job.  Will says he's going to throw in the towel and Brenda pleads with him not to.  In my opinion she stopped just slightly short of telling Pope that she still had feelings for him.  Maybe I'm just reading too much into it but it looked to me like she's been stringing Will along and the end of this episode was the icing on the cake.

I like Will.  But I LOVE MY FRITZ.  I am sooooo  worried that they are going to break up and that Brenda is going to end up with Will....

I hope I'm wrong but I keep hearing her tell Fritz that she'll handle the issue with Will having feelings for her and then she doesn't. It's been like this all through the entire show. Maybe it's because I've watched the entire show (all six seasons... almost) in a little over a month that I see it more but I can make a list of times where it almost looks like she's secretly still in love with Will. Right down to the box of memories that she held onto for the longest time.

Am I the only one who sees this?


Do you have any favorite Brenda/Fritz quotes? One of my favorites is Fritz's "If I was gonna stop liking you I would have done it already." What's yours?


Does The Closer rock your summer?


Let's get our favorite show as many votes as possible 'cause it is the best show and not only of the summer!


Seen this vid? I love it!


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607 - Jump The Gun